Employee Spotlight: Ludovic Paluku

For this edition of our #TalentedTeamwork series, we catch up with Ludovic Paluku, a Senior Project Manager. He has much to share about his time with Delmec, including the joy of taking on new challenges and celebrating successes in the DRC – with a feast of barbecued goat!

At Delmec, our employees are at the heart of everything we do. That’s true whether they’re scaling towers in South Africa, piloting drones in Poland or developing software in Ireland. Our latest dispatch from the field comes from Ghana, where Ludovic Paluku talks us through his role managing varied projects in an ever-changing environment.

“I didn’t really choose this industry, I stumbled upon it,” laughs Ludovic, remembering his move from construction to telecoms 7 years ago.“ I was drawn to Delmec because it was new – and dynamic.”

He’s happiest when he’s most productive, he says, and relishes problem-solving: “I like my job, and I feel proud when myself and my team are able to remove an issue from a client’s list. We’re there to make their lives easier, their operations more efficient, and their bottom lines all the stronger.” 

Ludovic’s skills take him to lots of different locations, where he embraces the opportunity to meet new people and take on fresh tasks. “I enjoy the pace of the work, and the challenge of overcoming difficulties, whether they’re logistical, technical or administrative” he says, pointing out that the international nature of his team keeps things interesting. “On any given day I interact with people from various cultures residing in many different parts of the world.” Ludovic speaks four languages fluently and can exchange pleasantries in 10 – a useful skill to have for anyone who operates across the vast African continent.

Of all the site locations he’s visited, one that stands out for him is Brazaville, near the town of Ouesso in Northern Congo. “The scenery was beautiful,” he says. “The village was by a huge river which carved its way through the thick equatorial forest; the simplicity of everything in that village has really stayed with me.”

At Delmec, we celebrate our colleagues’ successes in many ways, from recognition awards in our offices to team rewards in the field. These get-togethers are among Ludovic’s favourite memories: “We used to have ‘goat parties’ when I started in DRC,” he recalls. “The best-performing team at the end of the month would get a goat as a bonus and usually invited the rest of the team for a barbecue.” This made for a delicious supper, he says, as well as a great way to foster team spirit.

Nowadays, Ludovic likes to spend his down-time with his family, but as a music fan, he also squeezes in guitar practice when he can. He’s been learning for four years, so hopefully he can play at one of our team events soon!

At work, he’s focused on developing his project teams, encouraging them to be as efficient as they can be. “A strong Delmec team means a better quality of service for our clients,” he points out, highlighting the many ways that he and his colleagues knit together their unique experiences and expertise. “Our partners in the industry know they can rely on us to provide global support, with smart solutions and game-changing innovations.” 

His advice for new hires? “Get comfortable with change,” he says. “In the future, I think we’ll see more fragmentation of the telecom industry, but Delmec will continue to fulfill its valuable, long-standing role, serving clients and customers all over the world.”