Exploring Opportunities Together: Delmec Hosts Webinar on SE Asian Market

At Delmec, synergy shapes success, and that means working with and learning from a wide variety of colleagues across the global telecoms industry. One such opportunity arose on the 12th May, when we organised a webinar on the ‘Opportunities and Challenges in the SE Asian Market’.

The discussions focused on the findings of the 2022 Delmec SE Asian Telecom Sector Survey, which revealed key insights into the rapid digitisation, shifting infrastructure and improved government support in the region. In hosting this webinar, we sought to further explore the survey responses, learning from each other about how to adapt to challenges and seize opportunities in the SE Asia telecommunications landscape.

The attendees were globally-located, dialling in from towerco, MNO and investor offices across Asia, Europe and Africa. They were all keen to hear from some of the industry’s most authoritative voices, including Charles C (Chuck) Green III, the co-founder and former executive chairman of Helios Towers and Delmec advisory board member, Thiru Nadarasa, the Chief Executive Officer of Hutchison Sri Lanka and Damien Kelly, Head of Innovation and Engineering at Delmec.

“The discussion was well rounded, with each panellist drawing from exceptional experience in their field,” says Damien, pointing out that the speakers all came from diverse backgrounds. “Chuck offered an insight into the towerco perspective, Thiru provided the voice of MNOs, while I spoke for service providers like Delmec.” Mohan Villavarayan, our Asia Regional Business Manager, served as moderator, expertly guiding the group through the various topics within the allocated time.

He opened the discussions with a hot topic: digitisation. The Delmec survey revealed that 50% of tower owners in SE Asia have already digitised their portfolios, although it was agreed during the webinar that the meaning of the term ‘digitisation’ can vary depending on the location, sector or team involved. However, with 82% of survey participants prioritising digitalisation, the next five years will see significant progress across the board. “It’s the vital cog that will facilitate the realisation of the diverse goals and objectives of all tower owners,” Mohan says. “But it’s important to bear in mind that the accrued benefits must justify the costs.”

It was encouraging to hear that the survey results were largely confirmed by the panellists, who agreed with Delmec’s findings. “Both survey feedback and panel discussion aligned in terms of infrastructure and trends, as well as the future of the industry,” Damien points out. “The focus for us all will be on connectivity, ESG and costs.”

Mohan further explains that these connectivity needs of TSPs – fuelled by the spike in demand for high data throughputs in hitherto under-served areas – will drive the shape and size of infrastructure required to host the radio access networks. “The survey shows that a significant shift is expected towards next-gen infrastructure that is both environment-friendly and blends into the surrounding landscape,” he says. For Delmec, as well as the industry as a whole, this means striking a balance between providing ever-more connectivity via ever-smarter infrastructure.

One key driver identified in the push to provide increased data connectivity is government support. Mohan agrees, saying that “governments and their regulatory bodies actively facilitating the roll-out of national fibre networks will go a long way towards meeting the demand dynamics in the different SE Asian countries.”

As the session was closing, attention turned to future regulation of technological advances. The contributors felt that a pan-European or even global framework would be too ambitious to realise, but key elements of collaboration and cooperation could still be achieved. Some contributors felt that it would be better if regulators adhered to their core purpose and allowed TSPs and market dynamics to create a more natural path of progression. “With service providers increasingly designing technology-based roadmaps for the future, regulators should be freed up to focus more on ensuring high standards across the board,” says Damien.

Setting, achieving and maintaining those high standards is our focus here in Delmec, which is why we’ll continue to survey our communities and host discussions like this with our colleagues. By combining our experience, skills and valuable industry insights, we can extend and improve our service offering, ensuring that we are there to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Together, we will facilitate digitisation, develop improved infrastructure, support technological advances and build a more connected future in the SE Asian region.


Employee Spotlight: Krzysztof Ptak

In the latest installment of our #TalentedTeamwork series, we talk to Krzysztof Ptak, Senior Technical Consultant here at Delmec. He tells us all about his exciting work on European streetworks projects, his passion for hiking, and his plan to become an accomplished accordion-player in his spare time.

Since our very earliest days in the 1970s, we’ve understood the importance of building a talented team: we know that it’s people who power success. For this staff spotlight, we talk to Senior Technical Consultant Krzysztof Ptak, to learn more about his busy and varied role with Delmec.

A graduate of construction and structural engineering, Krzysztof found himself drawn to the telecommunications industry more than eight years ago. For him, it represented a stable but dynamic future, with the opportunity to develop new services and lead innovative projects.

“I love that my work is never boring,” he says from his office in Katowice, Poland. “Our industry is constantly growing, changing and even transforming. I really enjoy finding fresh solutions every day.” The last two tumultuous years have brought plenty of new challenges, but Krzysztof believes that Delmec and our industry as a whole adapted quickly, realising new opportunities for growth in the process. “I believe it’s important to be flexible and prepared to tackle unexpected changes,” he says. “The companies that are able to survive and thrive in ever-evolving environments will fare best.”

Over the last half century of operations, Delmec has proved itself more resilient than most, growing from a small family business into an industry-leading global company. Our services are designed to meet our clients’ current needs while also supporting their future requirements. One key part of this goal is the development of urban streetworks, an ongoing project Krzysztof works with every day. “I try to use my experience in various areas of our business,” he says, pointing out that every new project brings fresh findings and generates additional plans. “For example, following the implementation of our Cellnex streetworks programme in Ireland, we’re now seeking to replicate its success across Europe.” 

In his downtime, Krzysztof likes to get out into the fresh air, enjoying the beautiful Polish landscape. “After spending eight hours at the desk I really need to do some activities like jogging or cycling,” he says. “On weekends I also like to take my family hiking in the Beskidy mountains.”

He’s able to build this passion for the natural world into his work at Delmec, helping to connect communities while reducing the impact on the environment. “I’m working to optimise power usage and introduce renewable sources to decrease carbon footprint,” he says. “On another 5G project we’re planning to redesign our streetwork poles to be more flexible, with minimal visual impact on the surroundings.”

For those who are looking to develop their career in telecommunications, Krzysztof says that Delmec offers the opportunity for real personal and professional growth. “There are real benefits to working with a global company like ours,” he says. “There’s such a diverse range of skills and services, that you could find yourself involved in project management, rigging, design, consultancy and many other departments – everyone can find a spot that suits them in Delmec.”

Not content to play his part in reimagining the future of global telecommunications, Krzysztof is also learning to play the accordion. “It’s definitely a difficult instrument to master,” he laughs. “But if ordinary people could learn it 50 years ago I hope I’ll be able to manage it with the help of online lessons and YouTube videos.” Krzysztof has fond memories of a 2016 team-building week at our HQ in Carlow, Ireland when people travelled from all over the world to meet in person. “We had a soccer tournament, a bowling competition and lots of other activities,” he recalls. “It was great fun, a brilliant opportunity to put faces to names, and hear from my colleagues about the interesting work they’re doing.” Next time, we’ll ask him to pack his accordion in his hand luggage, and organise a Delmec sing-song session!