Delmec Recognised by Deloitte as One of Ireland’s Best Managed Companies

At Delmec, we know that our people are our strength; we believe that working in synergy shapes success.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that we’ve been recognised for the fourth time as one of Ireland’s Best Managed Companies.

Hosted by Deloitte Private in association with Bank of Ireland, the Best Managed Companies awards programme seeks to shine a spotlight on “outstanding private businesses…and the exceptional performance that drives them.” The programme has been running since 2008, celebrating the strategic success, management strength and financial performance of Ireland’s leading companies.

Delmec is proud to have been honoured with this award on four occasions: 2017, 2019, 2020 and now 2021. This global mark of excellence recognises the superior performance of the entire company, not just individuals. It celebrates the efforts and commitment of every member of the Delmec team, whether they’re based in our Irish HQ or our overseas offices in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Noting that we’ve been navigating “one of the most testing years in memory”, Deloitte Private sought to recognise teams “with strong leadership and resilience” for their 2021 awards. In a year like no other, our exceptional team members worked together to create the future of telecom infrastructure in over 30 countries across the globe. As connectivity became more important than ever, our people were hard at work, ensuring that vital communications and digital services were available to all our clients and their customers.

In order to be considered for this prestigious accolade, companies must be Irish or Northern Irish, with a turnover in excess of €10million / £8STG million, and trading for at least five years. The judges review each candidate company under four pillars: strategy; capability and innovation; culture and commitment; governance and financial performance.

The award is a valuable achievement as it helps to increase our market visibility and credibility, includes us in a global network of award-winning companies, and strengthens our ability to attract and retain talent. This is a primary focus here at Delmec, where the remarkable skills and abilities of our international team are what makes our services in demand around the world.

We’re always looking for people who want to make a difference, bring new perspectives, and drive success – for themselves, for our company and for our clients. We’re committed to tailoring career paths that bring out the best in every member of our team, whether they’re engineers or executives, marketers or managers. We provide a dynamic environment and exciting opportunities for people who can contribute to our values: ‘Solve Smart’, ‘Built Brave’, ‘Proactive Partners’ and ‘Talented Teamwork’. If you think this sounds like you, visit our website to learn more about life at Delmec and help us shape the talent of tomorrow.


Inspiring Opinions: Shared active networks a feature of our future

At Delmec, we’ve seen huge changes in our almost fifty years in the telecommunications field. Over that time, we’ve learned much about the opportunities and challenges posed by rapid advances in technology, and we now believe that shared active networks will be a major feature of our industry’s future.

These will significantly reduce infrastructure costs and allow for the denser, quicker coverage that service-users have come to expect, particularly with the arrival of 5G. The new technology will allow for great leaps in terms of global telecommunications, but only if the speeds and connectivity are there to support them. The upgrades and additions required will be expensive, but network owners who move to share these costs can safeguard the savings for other, service-related strategies.

Whether or not active network sharing becomes a part of our industry sooner or later depends on a number of factors. The major industry players all have embedded positions on the global stage: transitioning from decades of direct competition to a future of collaboration and cooperation is likely to be challenging. In addition, there are existing investments and agreements that will need time to play out before new partnerships can be explored. Finally, the sharing of active networks can be complex, involving technology that is still being developed. That said, we believe that much of what is required is already in existence, and could be applied now if there was a willingness to try.

The most important obstacle is probably the simplest: it will require no small amount of courage to change the status quo, particularly as it may mean forgoing immediate advantages for longer-term opportunities. TowerCos are in an optimum position to drive this evolution, particularly as their positions evolve with the arrival of outside investors. Shared active networks would allow TowerCos to potentially become netcos, i.e., managing both passive and active networks, across multiple telcos.

The brave few that venture forward with shared active network strategies will be best placed for the inevitable shift from access to infrastructure to quality of service. Competition in the future will focus on the offering to the end user: every euro, pound or dollar saved by network sharing is a boon to the company’s differentiation on customer experience and services.

Like most things in life, the issue of shared active networks is nuanced, and no doubt many conversations about its pros and cons are taking place in TelCo and TowerCo boardrooms all over the world. One thing is certain, however: change waits for no man or woman, and as always, Delmec will be there to help our clients adapt and thrive, whatever their future looks like.