Technology in Motion at Delmec: Quality Management

Since 1975, Delmec has been focused on providing our clientele and partners with a level of quality that has become renowned throughout the industry. Maintaining this in each of our regions is one of the main challenges Delmec is faced with. From tower audits to design teams, Delmec has invested in tools to assist our employees in preserving the required level of quality so that we can focus on our customers, providing them with data they can trust.

TiMS (Telecommunication Information Management System)

Delmec’s in-house management system – known as TiMS – is a portfolio management tool that is one of the keys to maintaining the Delmec standard of quality globally. TiMS is a continually-growing application which comes equipped with numerous individual tools to assist employees on the ground and in the back office. Recent innovations have improved this functionality even further: our new inventory module allows the on-site surveyor to directly upload all equipment and photographs directly onto TiMS, simplifying the QA process and removing the need for endless paperwork.

Additionally, similar functionality is in place for all types of site audits (structural climbdowns, maintenance, power, etc.). This means that the on-site surveyor can upload a full audit onto the database without requiring paperwork. It also allows for a set selection method for each audit, thereby limiting the options and ensuring information that’s captured is of the required quality from the outset.

QA Process and Governance

As mentioned, TiMS plays a vital role in quality governance across Delmec. The QA process varies from task to task. Within design, each analysis is certified by a senior engineer for publication onto TiMS. For on-site works, the QA process is twofold: firstly, a review takes place of the information once it’s all uploaded to the database, cross-checking photographs against the input data to ensure accuracy. Secondly, an on-the-ground senior resource will periodically inspect on-site works as they’re ongoing, including builds, enhancement works and all surveys. Any enhancement or build works are QA-inspected during and after completion; then a full review of the work takes place and a certification will be issued against the site on TiMS to confirm works are completed and up to the required standards.

Local Contractors

In each of our regions, Delmec sets out to establish a local entity by building a team of in-country employees and using local contractors to carry out required works. This process ensures Delmec taps into the knowledge and expertise in the region from the start, using this as a foundation to build a local team, trained in the Delmec ideology. Each member of the Delmec team is taught to use the tools designed from the ground up for their required task. Local survey teams will use the TiMS and mobile app to carry out all types of site visit – whether it be a full climbdown, maintenance or power audit. Each has a direct section within TiMS, guiding the employee/contractor to provide the necessary information in a drop-down or tick-box exercise.

We’ve designed all of these systems, tools and resources to ensure that quality management is at the heart of everything we do, wherever we are in the world. Our clients, customers and communities know that they can rely on us to provide the highest level of service – at Delmec synergy shapes success, and that starts with an unrivalled commitment to quality.

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