Delmec Proud to Partner with Cellnex to ‘Get Connected’

At Delmec, we understand that connectivity matters, now more than ever: it’s how families, friends and colleagues stay in touch, no matter where they are in the world. Whether we’re working to connect homes, offices and classrooms across the African savannah or the Irish countryside, we know that every foot of cable is a step in the right direction for rural communities.

That’s why we’re pleased to support ‘Get Connected’, an exciting new initiative launched by Cellnex, Ireland’s largest independent telecoms infrastructure provider. Cellnex assists mobile network operators as they deliver improvements in mobile connectivity, helping to provide better coverage in villages, towns and cities across the country. Delmec has long been a trusted partner of Cellnex: we’ve worked on their portfolio since 2015, supplying a wide range of services including maintenance, rectification and optimisation.

While many of us take for granted the ability to launch a video call or download a file, mobile coverage remains a serious challenge for some users, particularly residents and business-owners in rural areas. Now, as part of their efforts to improve coverage, Cellnex are seeking to “address mobile blackspots across Ireland and bring the benefits of mobile connectivity to as many communities as possible”. 

The aim of the Get Connected programme is to combine the expertise of Cellnex with the power of local community groups to find cost-effective solutions to problems with coverage and connectivity. By coming together, communities can work with Cellnex and its partners – including Delmec – to support the deployment of much-needed services in their area.

Get Connected is now live in Laois and Offaly, but Cellnex wants to hear from communities all around Ireland as they seek to expand the programme into a “nationwide project supporting communities in all 26 counties, ending the scourge of mobile blackspots.” They’ve launched a ‘Community Call’, asking affected groups to request a review of mobile connectivity in their location, to ascertain if a solution to their coverage issues can be found.

Cellnex Ireland Managing Director Colin Cunningham says: “Cellnex is giving communities the firm promise that we will work with them to try to ensure that they get the infrastructure that they need. I hope that local communities will take this opportunity to seek an improved service and work with us to deliver solutions for their areas.”

If you’re struggling with calls, texts and mobile data, the Get Connected programme might be just what you need. The process is very straightforward: talk to your neighbours to gain consensus on the problem in your area, nominate a point of contact for your group and complete a simple form for submission.

If you’re interested in learning about this dynamic new community-driven initiative, visit the Get Connected website or follow the social media hashtag #Getconnected for more information. Let’s work together to connect our communities, one step at a time.

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