American Towers

American Towers Africa (2011 to Present)

Delmec are an approved contractor for American Towers and specifically the works in Ghana.

American Towers employed Delmec to carry out site inspections and structural analysis for the guyed masts in the infrastructure which were spread across the country.

The recommendations from the inspections and analysis were predominantly in relation to the quality of the stay wire’s and the connections, meaning that the majority of sites had not been maintained regularly and these items were in need of replacement and upgrade.

Delmec were then employed to carry out the site-specific method statements, the procurement of materials and the site rectification works for the guy wire replacements on these masts around Ghana.

It was the confidence that the client had in Delmec History and competence that selected us to be the only contractor allowed to plan and implement these technical works as if carried out incorrectly can be very high-risk activities.

Following on from these works, Delmec were set as an approved contractor for all site activities for American Towers.