Employee Spotlight: Guy Umondi

For this latest instalment of our #TalentedTeamwork series, we meet Guy Umondi, who has been a Senior Trainer with Delmec in the Democratic Republic of Congo for seven years. In that time he’s visited 11 countries, learning much about his industry and colleagues along the way. Today, he tells us about the parts of his job he enjoys most — and his twin passion for motorbikes and farming!  

A big part of Delmec’s operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo is centred around training. With the ongoing expansion and upgrading of telecommunications in the region, there is always a need for new members of our team. This is where senior trainers like Guy Umondi come in, generously sharing their invaluable experience and skilled expertise. “I enjoy developing careers,” he says. “For me, it’s bigger than training: it’s about helping people shift their paradigm, learn to love their job and really master their role.”

Guy’s work is incredibly important in standardising our training and certification processes, ensuring that every person on site is working to proven guidelines established by Delmec. “Today, for example, I’m delivering training in Nigeria but also working on drafting a training manual,” Guy points out. “By developing our team’s skills, expanding their knowledge and cultivating a professional, quality-first approach, we can be secure in our promise to our clients that things will be done the right way. It makes me proud when we can provide innovative solutions to their most pressing challenges.”

The trip to Nigeria is far from Guy’s only one in recent months: he’s been to 11 countries and counting on behalf of Delmec. “I enjoy meeting people from different cultures,” he says. “I find it very interesting and enriching to learn with people and develop new relationships.” He has always found himself warmly welcomed by Delmec colleagues, clients and customers: “It doesn’t matter where I am, people are always so kind and open to me. I really love it.”

When he’s not delivering Delmec training, Guy likes to hit the open road on two wheels — with his beloved power motorbike. He’s also turned his attention recently to growing his own food, discovering a new passion for farming. “My dream is to one day become one of the biggest food suppliers in my country,” he says.

Although they might sound unrelated, Guy sees clear parallels between farming and engineering: “While I like to joke around, I am very principled in how I approach my work,” he says. “I refuse to compromise on quality, whether that means taking the time to properly nourish and prepare the soil on my land, or to train and develop my colleagues in the Delmec DRC office — it all leads to a better result for everybody involved.”

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