Training & Development at Delmec: Enter the Eurozone

The world moves fast, and the telecommunications world moves even faster. Keeping abreast of change is important to us here in Delmec, so we’re always undergoing training and development in our field.

Our latest executive education project is Enterprise Ireland’s ‘Enter the Eurozone’ programme, which aims to “open Europe’s doors to ambitious Irish exporters”. It’s delivered by the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), an internationally-renowned business school based in Berlin, Germany. Their lessons are supported by IMS Marketing (IMS), an Irish marketing agency specialising in global markets.

Developed to help companies take advantage of the opportunities within the Eurozone, the curriculum covers five phases, spanning six months. The first stage involves meeting with specially-selected advisors from Enterprise Ireland, IMS Marketing and ESMT. This leads onto market intelligence — key to understanding the chosen market — followed by strategic preparation and execution planning, which involves analysis of the value proposition, sales channels and routes to market.

While we regularly operate in many countries all over the world, our CEO Kealan Delaney wanted to continue to improve Delmec’s systematic, process-driven approach to market entry, and adapt it to specific market requirements. We chose to examine the French market as part of this initiative, and have found the modules very useful for the future. “I’d highly recommend this programme for any SME seeking to expand their business, either into the Eurozone or further afield,” Kealan says.

The Delmec team are now in the fifth and final phase of the ‘Enter the Eurozone’ course. They’ve received their certification and will present their Market Entry plan to Enterprise Ireland, ESMT Berlin, IMS and the other participants on the 25th of February 2021. The advisors, educators and peers will offer their feedback, and then it’ll be onto implementation, moving forward with their plan for market expansion into France.

For Kealan and his team, it’s been a worthwhile exercise. “We’ve gained a great deal of knowledge from ESMT and IMS,” he says. “But some of the most valuable lessons have come from our fellow participants”. As in all things at Delmec, synergy shapes success, and learning alongside other dynamic, forward-moving business leaders means better results for all, in Ireland, the Eurozone and the global market.

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