Employee Spotlight: Sreto Jankic

In the latest instalment of our #TalentedTeamwork series, we chat to Sreto Jankic, Delmec’s Design Office Training Manager. He fills us in on the stroke of luck that saw him join our company, the great relationship he has with his team — and his love of the TV show, “Derry Girls”!

Ever since our early days in the 1970s, we’ve made it our mission here at Delmec to hire the brightest and the best in our industry. Sometimes people come to us seeking career advancement, or the chance to travel and learn exciting skills. Other times, it’s just what Sreto Jankik calls “pure luck”.

“I had no experience with telecoms, and at the time I wasn’t located in Ireland. It was a very long shot,” the Design Office Training Manager says. “But it all worked out brilliantly, and fit like a glove — I found everything I needed as a young engineer seeking to learn and grow, while Delmec got someone who’s willing to embrace every opportunity and really put their shoulder to the wheel.”

It’s the positive, uplifting environment that he has found most beneficial, even now, more than five years later. “I have a dynamic role,” he explains. “My work involves management, training, engineering, and consulting, all with different departments.” It’s that variety that really appeals to his nature, as no two days are ever the same. “I like Delmec’s people, their professional approach, and even the challenges that go along with the work,” he says.

Sreto spends most of his time upskilling and training new engineers as Delmec expands. “My job is to support the team and help them grow and build their careers in Delmec,” he tells us. When asked what advice he gives new hires, he’s unequivocal: “Don’t be afraid. Hit that wall. Make mistakes. Learn. Adapt. It’s worth it.”

He says that while his role is mostly internal, he always has an eye to the most important external factor: our community of clients around the world. “I want to show our clients that we have a strong team, with unique capabilities and cutting-edge skills,” he says. “Every day we work hard to make sure that Delmec is — and always will be — the best choice for them.” 

Sreto’s team maintains a busy schedule, but there’s plenty of time for a little levity too, especially in a group of creative-minded people. “There is so much fun among the guys in Design,” he smiles. “Between the working chats and meetings, our team shares gifs, memes and jokes with each other — it really lifts the spirits and makes the day fly by.”

During his downtime, Sreto enjoys watching comedy: “One of my favourite TV shows is “Derry Girls”,” he laughs. “It’s fantastic and absolutely hilarious.” On the weekends, he sometimes visits the Coumshingaun Loop Walk in the Comeragh Mountains in Waterford. He enjoys hiking, but likes to keep his two feet firmly on the ground, having discovered he’s not a fan of heights during a Delmec tower training course. He’s happy to leave that to the climbers on our team!

Looking ahead, Sreto believes that we’re entering an exciting time in our industry’s trajectory, and feels that Delmec is in a good position to overcome new challenges and embrace fresh opportunities. “In the last five years, the company has changed a lot and with that I’ve changed as well,” he says. “But I like where it went and can’t wait to see where It will go.”

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