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Employee Spotlight: Natalia Kononova

In this latest instalment of our #TalentedTeamwork series, we meet Natalia Kononova, who recently joined Delmec as a Telecoms Energy Consultant. She gives us an insight into moving from civil engineering to telecommunications, and what it’s like to work remotely on international projects for Delmec.

The telecommunications industry moves fast, and staying ahead of the curve has long been a priority for Delmec. We work with some of the world’s leading academics, researchers, and experts to make sure that our teams are equipped with the information they need to create innovative solutions for our clients.

That’s the thinking that led us to Telecoms Energy Consultant Natalia Kononova, who joined Delmec four months ago. Although she’s relatively new to the company, she’s a veteran in her field. “I didn’t choose this industry, it chose me,” she explains. “I initially trained as a civil engineer, working on building design, construction, interior design, and product innovation.” She entered the telecommunications industry in 2007 and consulted with a variety of clients including Huawei in the Middle East, Cybercom in Africa and Asia, and Airov8 in Asia.

“I enjoy working on international projects with international teams,” she says about her role. “My job entails continued research, improvement, and innovation. I recently gained a new qualification in ‘Incorporating Renewable Energy in Electricity Grids’, which connected directly to my role in Delmec.” She’s currently working on several projects in Asia and the Middle East and relishes the chance to see her skills and knowledge implemented in the field: “Delmec provides me with the opportunity to develop and use what I know.”

Although she works remotely from her home, Natalia is very happy to be part of a team at Delmec. “I work with exceptional people from all around the world and it’s a pleasure to learn from them, discover their way of thinking, and work together to create something completely new.”

It’s those people who are Delmec’s biggest asset, Natalia believes, especially in an unpredictable environment. “Difficulties exist in all industries,” she says. “But with such dynamic, innovative teams, Delmec is in a great position to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.”

When she’s not drafting white papers, problem-solving with engineers, or spending time with her family, Natalia is a crack shot with a rifle. “I used to train 3-4 times a week for 15 years,” she says of the sport. “My international travel can make it difficult, but I still get out to the range whenever I can.”

Marksmanship is a discipline that has parallels with her work in telecommunications: “Both are about analysing the environment, finding the right position, and working in tandem with your teammates to focus on the target,” she says. “There’s nothing like hitting that bullseye — whether it’s scoring points in my sport, or finding the perfect engineering solution in my work.”

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