Continuous Innovation at Delmec: The TiMS Equipment Module

At Delmec, a major part of our work involves advising clients on overseeing their portfolios and optimising their assets. One of the key issues that we see time and time again is a lack of data management. As all our clients know, data accuracy is vital when operating a successful towerco business, particularly across numerous sites and geographical locations. Delmec is here to help, with a range of technical resources.

Inventory Data Management

The relatively simplistic business model of ‘renting space’ can become complicated when it’s coupled with elaborate rental agreements and a network of sites. This added complexity requires robust data management. As these rental agreements are the backbone of the business, it’s crucial that their clauses are adhered to and the towerco has a firm grasp on what is currently being utilised.

This is where the difficulties can occur when portfolios are large and spread over a number of regions and countries. Here at Delmec, we’ve spent many years developing ways to manage this challenge by creating combined scopes and integrated systems to capture and flag any discrepancies between what’s on site and what’s in the operator agreements.

Simplifying and Streamlining

Our TiMS (Telecoms Infrastructure Management System) is a bespoke application and platform where clients can log in to see and manage their site selections, dashboard and reporting suite.

As part of our constant technical innovation, we’ve just rolled out its newest enhancement – the equipment module. This latest addition focuses on simplifying inventory capture during our site visits. It integrates with our TiMS equipment inventory, building a foundation for our digital twin offering. The new development has further streamlined our surveying process by instantly and fully populating our database once the job is completed, with our engineers receiving the data before our teams have even left the site.

Building for the Future

This advanced module will give our clients more visibility of their tower assets, assisting with our overall aim to reduce unclaimed revenue on site. Enhancing our TiMS inventory system has allowed both Delmec and tower owners to access their data easily, helping them to align their current revenue streams.

We’re currently incorporating the new equipment module into projects in Ireland, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Malta. Each site is already reporting favourable results for time and accuracy, with the promise of increased benefits in the future. Ever since Delmec was first founded in 1975, we’ve worked to be at the forefront of every technical and manufacturing progression in our industry. Whether it’s the use of drones or the development of software apps, our qualified engineers are dedicated to finding the best services and solutions for our clients and customers – even if we have to build it ourselves, like this game-changing new TiMS equipment module.

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