Delmec’s Due Diligence Vital in a Changing Industry

The last twelve months have been particularly busy for towercos. As a telecoms segment in an increasingly connected world, the infrastructure industry has been growing rapidly, with major M&A activity in the field. MNOs such as Airtel and CK Hutch are starting to sell assets while others such as Vodafone and Orange are setting up their own towercos. Cellnex purchased part of the CK Hutch portfolio and Helios recently acquired the Free Telecom portfolio in Senegal; along with investments firms’ new interest in infrastructure, these significant acquisition programmes have brought a boom to the market.

Accurate Asset Valuation

The industry dynamic is changing, along with its customer profile. Investors entering the market bring a demand for better structure, clear data and strong processes. The accurate valuation of assets and portfolios is key to this client segment, as it underpins their extensive financial undertakings. A valuation is only as good as the information it’s built on though, so it’s vital that clients can draw on reliable technical due diligence.

This is where we come in: at Delmec, technical due diligence is one of our core services. Despite the upheaval of 2020, we saw a huge uptake in the demand for this support, and we adapted quickly to continue to deliver it to clients all around the world.

Our TiMS app proved crucial to this evolution. Our teams use this pioneering technology to gather vital information of a sample site selection and transfer the data back to our HQ for processing in record time. Our consultation team can then evaluate this data and formulate a view of the entire portfolio for our clients. Our methodology for all due diligence projects requires a clinical approach, where capturing precise data on site is paramount to our final evaluation.

We’re proud to have built an international reputation for exemplary technical due diligence, offering our clients a comprehensive view of their portfolios. This allows stakeholders and potential investors to get a deeper understanding of the estimated capex and opex costs, in addition to the upgrade capability of the structures in question.

The value of superior technical due diligence is clear, not just in advance of a potential acquisition, but also long-term, for a more profitable future. For more than twenty years, existing and new clients alike have relied on Delmec to provide insight and advice on the appropriate approach for integrating the assets post-sale. Many clients then incorporate Delmec services into their day-to-day operations to provide specialist advice on the portfolio to maximise its earning potential.

It’s a changing world, for sure, but some skills stand the test of time: at Delmec we offer smart solutions, engineering expertise, and technical due diligence you can trust.

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