edotco Cambodia experienced 2 tower collapses in 2017. The portfolio had been constructed by multiple vendors and the older structures in the portfolio were nearing 25 years since initial construction. As the entire portfolio had been acquired from Smart, edotco Group’s Board of Directors and CEO together with the Management Team of edotco Cambodia decided that all structures should be reviewed and strengthening solutions implemented where required.

    Following the tender process, Delmec was awarded the major portion of the portfolio with a second contractor being awarded the remaining sites.

    Customer profile – edotco (Cambodia) Co Ltd.

    edotco (Cambodia) Co Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of edotco Group Sdn Bhd. The Company was created by the carve out of Smart Axiata Co Ltd’s tower portfolio in line with Axiata’s vision of unlocking the value of the tower portfolios owned by its various subsidiaries and creating a tower company.

    edotco Cambodia has approximately 2,700 towers in its portfolio and plays a leading role in supporting the tower requirements of Smart as well as many of the other telecommunications operators in the country.

    Services we provided

    • Record – Collection of data of structures – by carrying out site audits
    • Analysis – Determining the optimal capacity of the structure
    • Advise – Maximising ROI of structure by increasing revenue and reducing costs
    • Quality – Control of the recommended solution – implemented by independent contractors

    Site audits were completed for all the towers that were awarded to the company after which the data collected was quality checked and then submitted to the Design Office for analysis and recommendations for strengthening (if required).

    Delmec’s Project Manager worked closely with the sub-contractors who were carrying out the site audits and those who were implementing the recommended strengthening solutions. The Project Manager also worked shoulder to shoulder with edotco Cambodia throughout the entire process to ensure edotco’s management and senior technical staff were continuously updated on the project status and the health of each tower that was audited and analysed.

    Delmec was able to deliver newly strengthened towers which could increase the tenancy ratio on the towers thereby earning edotco increased revenues.

    The strengthening solutions provided were all carried out in a cost-effective manner with lower than average BOQ’s while still providing the required strength, structure and capacity for increased tenancies thereby yielding cost efficiencies.

    All solutions implemented were also quality controlled and signed off by Delmec thereby ensuring that the tower assets would achieve an extended life

    Delmec has played a significant role in partnering us to assess the quality and integrity of our tower portfolio and providing solution. Well done.

    Phillip Wong Managing Director, edotco (Cambodia) Co Ltd