Delmec has been providing technical support to Helios Towers across Africa since 2012, with the addition of the newly established Helios South Africa, allowing us to grow together into the future. Our initial engagement began in Ghana providing basic survey and design functions and as Helios have grown, we have followed and supported their needs across first DRC, then Tanzania and now in Congo B and South Africa.

    Helios wanted to adopt a new strategy to maximise their assets and increase their data across the portfolio. Due to issues locally with contractors, Helios needed to ensure that all works are being carried out safely and efficiently.

    Customer profile: Helios Towers

    Helios Towers (HT) owns and operates telecommunications towers and passive infrastructure in five high-growth African markets. The Towerco owns almost 7,000 structures across Tanzania, DRC, Congo Brazzaville, Ghana and South Africa.

    Services we provided

    • Record
      Structural Survey, Equipment Survey, Due Diligence Surveys, Pre-Constructions Surveys.
    • Analyse
      Structural Analysis, Strengthening Designs, Desktop Portfolio Review, Bespoke Site Solutions.
    • Advise
      Portfolio Advice, OpEx and CapEx guidance, Tower Consolidation, Technical Due Diligence, In House Consultation, Active and Passive Consultation and ROI.
    • Implement
      Strengthening Works, Maintenance Works, Contractor Supervision.
    • Quality
      Quality Inspection [Post Strengthening], Quality Inspection [New Site Build], Supplier Validation and Validate material quality and traceability.
    • Manage
      Asset Management System [TIMS], Portfolio Management, Annual maintenance reports with recommendations.

    Our support to Helios was advanced in 2015/16 with the evolution to a full solutions model, named Managed Service Agreement or “MSA”. The basic services of survey and design were linked with a newly established Consultation function providing high level technical support. This elevated the partnership to allow Delmec to provide key strategic guidance to Helios. Our aim for the MSA project is focused on increasing revenue per site, reducing spend per site and developing cost saving initiatives for Helios.

    We are now in our 5thyear of the MSA, encompassing a new OpCo to provide the same level of support as provided to Ghana, Congo B, DRC and Tanzania for the previous 5 years. As a company, we are looking forward to the next 2, 5 and 10 years, working closely together to keep consistency, develop and grow.


    The project allowed Delmec to improve the overall condition of the portfolio to reduce risk.

    A number of cost saving initiatives were incorporated into Helios’ internal process resulting in major reductions in strengthening costs and focused spending on their portfolio.

    Delmec focused on maximizing the Helios portfolio to allow their customers to get online quicker.

    Delmec created a full portfolio of data on all structures to ensure all revenue is accounted for and innovative cost saving solutions can be adopted.

    Delmec have been a long-standing strategic partner of ours providing structural consultation, audit & design services under our ethos of ‘One Team, One Business’.

    Roy Cursley Director of Delivery & Technology, Helios Towers Group