Portfolio Management

Delmec has developed project management expertise across a range of portfolio management services.

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On-site inspections for structural climbdowns, quality inspections and due diligence inspections.

Structural Analysis & Design

In house design teams carrying out a range of structural design and analysis works from existing analysis through to enhanced strengthening solutions.

Structural Rectifications

Creating and Implementing bespoke design solutions to strengthen and increase the potential tenant capacity of the structure

Data Management – TiMS

TiMS [Telecoms Infrastructure Management System] is a projects and asset management system that has been a development inline with Delmec’s records and QA process, which we have enhanced and developed for client benefit and access. It is created from the management requirement and recording of infrastructure data with the supply of services and client networks and location information

Inventory management

Record and manage existing and proposed active telecoms equipment per site.


Training services for tower strengthening, maintaining, climbing and rescue training and RF awareness training provided via our highly experienced trainers globally..

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