Fibre Network Build

Delmec’s three main area’s of UK, Ireland and Africa now provide the full turnkey solution services for Telecoms Infrastructure projects for both Mobile and Fixed line clients.


Greenfield and street work civils solutions covering main structure foundation and equipment cabinet foundations, trenching, ducting and chambers for power and fixed line fibre, compound formations and access tracks, lightening protection, rooftop plinths and sealing works.


Exchange and Jumpering engineers, cable laying teams and splicing/jointing engineers work hand in hand with the Rigging Engineers to install the copper and fibre networks for service provision to Mobile Telecom site, Business and Residential Connections, including general maintenance and testing.


17th Edition provision for electrical installations covering meter head, AC and DC systems, specifically tailored toward the telecoms requirements. Management of REC applications, provision of materials and equipment and full installation and testing [to include the LP for a site].


NRSWA qualified to install civils, ducting a rigging for street furniture solutions, fibre
network maintenance and build. Extensive knowledge in notice management for local authorities and
traffic management solutions for site installation works.

Fibre / Fixed Line

Commercial and residential connections for fixed line telephony and broadband services, cabinet re-segmentation projects, infrastructure maintenance. Installation and repair of chambers, cabinets, ducting and reinstatement of footway and carriageway street locations.

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