RTE: 2rn – Donnybrook Cable Tower

RTE: 2rn – Donnybrook Cable Tower – Design and Install (2014)

Delmec were successful in the contracted works to Design, Fabricate and Install a site specific 50m Cable Tower for RTE Donnybrook.

The brief was to design a cable support structure that would be installed within the confines of the existing 140m lattice tower to allow additional capacity in the main structure by relocating all of the associated feeder cables to this inner support structure.

The design of the self-supporting cable tower also required the design and 3D modelling of the ground based equipment gantry to support the cabling to the equipment rooms and also a very complex lifting beam support arrangement, installed to the main structure to erect the 50m internal cable tower.

Once the design calculations and drawings were approved by the client, the fabrication and civils undertaking were commenced. The installation of a dedicated slab foundation for the base of the new structure, with bespoke fencing and anti-climb were installed.

The pre-built sections of the cable tower were then shipped to site and lifted in to place within the existing confines of the structure and successfully carried out in a 2 week period to allow the remainder of the works of cabling and equipment works to be carried out to improve the performance of this broadcast site for RTE.