Helios Towers

Helios Towers Africa (2011 to Present)

Delmec are the approved contractor for all structural confirmations for Helios Towers Africa with operations in Ghana, Tanzania and DRC.

We provide training courses for the T2 Contractors for Site Audit & Inspection, Maintenance, QA Audits and Strengthening works so that the quality standards are adhered to by all.

We have currently over 4,000 sites registered for Helios Towers in our site asset management tool [TiMS] and we carry out the structural analysis and reporting for ALL sites providing a detailed requirement schedule with BOM [Bill of Materials] for any strengthening works required. This number will be increasing to over 6,000 in 2015 with the allocation of additional sites in DRC and Tanzania.

Re Analysis for additional operator loadings requirements is another big part of the Delmec Service provision, as the client is selling tower space to operators and Delmec provide the confirmation of structural ability for any required site.

An additional service that Delmec also provide is the QA Audit and Inspection of the sites following strengthening to ensure that all materials and workmanship are carried out in line with the structural report and Delmec’s VERY high standards of working.