Eaton Towers

Eaton Towers Africa (2010 to Present)

Delmec’s first African opportunity came about as a direct relationship with Vodafone and the recent sale in 2010 of the structures to Eaton Towers in Ghana.

Following the collapse of a couple of towers in Ghana, Vodafone and Eaton contacted Delmec to carry out an investigation of the reason of failure, follow which a detailed visit and report was produced as to the structural reasons.

This then established itself as the requirement to carry out inspections on sites that were in the HIGH RISK category and was carried out in a number of planned phases for the inspection.

Delmec headed to Ghana and set up 6 audit teams with a lead engineer heading up teams of local support crews from Ghanaian Contractors and carried out the initial site surveys and reports from across the country. This information, in Delmec’s standard format was then returned to our Irish Based design office for assessment and reporting and recommendations.

Following these initial phases, Delmec then also undertook the rectification works on sites carrying out strengthening and refurbishment of the towers and guyed masts in a supply and installation contract to bring all sites up to specification in line with Design and Maintenance codes.