Clarke Telecom – Vodafone SRan

Clarke Telecom – Vodafone SRan [2012 to Present]

The Vodafone SRan Projects are the upgrade to LTE for the existing Cell Sites and managed with Ericsson and our client, Clarke Telecom.

With over 250 sites completed, the works as the rigging and electrical contractor were awarded to Delmec and we resourced over 25 persons to these works.

Project Management Team sets the schedule and carries out the PCM [pre construction meeting] based on the plans of the Designers, before returning with a site confirmed BOM [Bill of Materials] and programme of works.

Our teams then book the outages and site access and call of all the materials to enable our rigging teams to prepare and cut over the site equipment with I&C commissioners to integrate the sites back to the network with the electrical teams.

The important element of these works is the disaster recovery planning, to ensure that the Cell Site can come back on air if the new equipment does not work. A fail over solution was therefore designed for each site, to allow the site to keep working in a failure scenario.

With good pre-planning, competent workforce and excellent management team these back-up solutions were rarely required with the new installations being carried out in a quick, planned and efficient manner.