Tower Titans: Delmec Appoints Industry-Leading Advisory Board

At Delmec, we believe that synergy shapes success. Partnership has been part of our DNA ever since three Delaney brothers founded our company in 1975. Over the last 46 years, we’ve worked in close cooperation with engineers, manufacturers, towercos and mobile network operators in more than 40 countries. Together, we’ve learned, adapted and innovated, providing comprehensive services and creative solutions to clients, customers and communities all over the world.

Today, we’re proud to continue our long tradition of collaboration by announcing the formation of our advisory board. This panel of industry-leading experts will provide knowledge, skills and expertise, as well as advice on governance and strategy and key networking opportunities.

Over the last number of years, as Delmec has grown, our executive team recognised that a new board structure could help us achieve our long-term goals. In 2020 we adopted a formal company charter and engaged Dirk Bak, a US-based legal executive and entrepreneur who specialises in board-formation in the SME sector. Dirk supported us as we established a formal board of directors, who in turn appointed our advisory board.

Our first appointee is Charles C (Chuck) Green III, the co-founder and former executive chairman of Helios Towers, a leading independent tower company with more than 7,000 sites across multiple African markets. With more than two decades of executive experience at the forefront of global telecommunications, Chuck is a highly revered member of the towerco community; he was awarded the first Lifetime Achievement Award by TowerXchange in 2016 and named as one of the Top 20 Industry Executives in 2020 four years later. He currently serves as a member of the supervisory board of Vantage Towers and previously for eight years as senior advisor and NED of edotco, the largest tower companies in Europe and South Asia, respectively, as well as Pinnacle Towers, an ASEAN platform backed by KKR.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Chuck while partnering with Helios Towers and edotco, and knew that his lifetime of experience would be of immense value to the Delmec board. As we enter a new era of unprecedented demand for global connectivity, we recognise that we’re on the cusp of a major evolution in the telecommunications industry. “That leads to the need for change by all industry stakeholders, and early adopters will prevail,” Chuck says. “Delmec is already in the critical path of structural analysis and managed services to the industry, at the leading edge of changing demands.”

Like us, he believes in the value of adaptability and innovation, confirming his respect for “Delmec’s enterprising approach to adapting products and services to the inevitably rapidly changing ecosystem occurring in the telecom industry globally, as specifically it has done for Helios over the years.” From our origins in steel manufacturing to our development of new drone technology, we’ve consistently evolved to invent, design and optimise tower infrastructure, always meeting – and frequently exceeding – our clients’ expectations.

Together with Dirk and the other members of the advisory board, Chuck will be advising our management team as they navigate today’s changing landscape. By combining the advisors’ industry experience with our engineering expertise, we can work together to strategise a successful future for Delmec. Together, we will continue our work in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, proudly supporting clients, customers and communities as they grow closer in an ever more connected world.

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