In Partnership with Cellnex – One year celebrations

Here at Delmec, we understand that synergy shapes success, so we’re pleased to share in our partner Cellnex Ireland’s celebrations as they toast one year since their acquisition of Cignal. It’s one more exciting milestone for a business that first began with the purchase of 300 towers from Coillte Ireland.

Cellnex, the parent company, is now Europe’s leading independent operator of wireless telecommunications infrastructure, with a total portfolio of over 60,000 sites. In Ireland, their work helps to support mobile, fixed wireless broadband communications and broadcast services.

Delmec has long been a trusted partner of Cellnex: we’ve worked on the Cignal portfolio since 2015, supplying a wide range of services over the years, including maintenance, rectification and optimisation. One of our most rewarding tasks has been creating additional capacity on existing structures while minimising the impact on existing tenants.

Streetworks Solutions

Our work with Cellnex involves drawing on our engineering heritage too. In partnership with Cellnex, Delmec designs, manufactures and installs a range of exclusive streetworks structures for its growing portfolio. Through the efforts of our talented teams, we’ve supplied 152 structures in the past 18 months, ranging from 66m high capacity towers to 12m street works solutions. Bringing these specialist projects from concept to reality involves the close collaboration of our companies, our colleagues and our diverse engineering team.

Like all our partners, from towercos to network operators, Cellnex trusts us to provide creative solutions to their toughest challenges. Our streetworks programme is a careful choreography of structural, electrical, radio and transmission disciplines. Cellnex’s requirements are first translated into a three-dimensional design. The structure and its discreet root foundation are then subjected to a finite element analysis by our engineering team before being committed to steel by our craftsmen and women. Meanwhile, our skilled active works team design a fully integrated radio equipment solution combining AC& DC power, optical fibre and wireless backhaul and a force ventilated radio enclosure. The beauty in this solution is in how little of it is visible to the general public as it’s packaged in the smallest form factor feasible.

The solution’s active and passive elements are assembled and tested in our factory, allowing our on-site team to carry out the final install quickly and effectively, with minimal disruption to the general public. The result is a simple, neat addition to the streetscape, with every nut, bolt and cable helping to improve our national telecommunications network

A Busy Year, More To Come!

Cellnex’s first year in Ireland has been a busy one, but there is much more to come: they’ve got plans to invest an additional €60m to build up to 600 new sites by 2026. Delmec will continue to be a key partner to this ground-breaking company, helping them fulfil their mission of supporting the increased high-speed wireless broadband in rural areas and helping mobile phone operators address coverage blackspots. We’re working together to connect communities, from 2015 to 2020, and for many years ahead.


Delmec 2020: Synergy Shapes Success for an Exciting Future in Telco

At Delmec, we understand that synergy shapes success. Ever since three Delaney brothers founded our company in 1975, we’ve worked in close partnership with engineers, manufacturers, towercos and mobile network operators all around the world. We’re proud to have enabled the development of telecommunication infrastructure in over 40 countries, helping to connect families and colleagues, customers and businesses, countries and continents.

Introducing Our New Vision & Website

As we approach half a century of operations, we’re pleased to unveil our newly refreshed brand and website, telling the story of Delmec’s remarkable journey, from our engineering heritage through to our modern global management services.

Our brand identity is conceived with our proud past and with a brave new era, for our business and the industry we serve, in mind. Our website offers access to our pioneering TiMs management system along with a wealth of easier to discover information on our full suite of customer solutions. Designed to help visitors learn more about our work in Ireland, Europe, Asia, and the African Continent.

Talented Teamwork

We know that talented teamwork is key to building and managing telecoms tower infrastructure in an evolving environment. So we’re particularly proud to introduce you to our team at Delmec, the people who are at the heart of everything we do, contributing to our global reputation for integrity and skill. We’re committed to fostering a collaborative culture, helping our people grow along with our company. We encourage professional development and tailor career paths that support our colleagues to reach their full potential. Please do sign up for our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about life at Delmec, industry insights and our community support initiatives.

2020 & Beyond

As we move through 2020 and beyond, we’re confident that our exceptional experience, unrivalled knowledge and proven skills will help us solve our clients’ toughest challenges, using new and innovative methods. From our origins in steel manufacturing to our current focus on new technologies such as drone software, we’ve always pushed to be at the cutting edge of our industry. We constantly adapt our technology and training to invent, design and optimise tower infrastructure to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. The future of telecom infrastructure is changing, and Delmec is poised to lead from the front.

Existing and prospective clients can get in touch any time, by reaching out to a team member across our six international locations.