Delmec has worked hand in hand with Helios Towers Tanzania (HTT) since 2012 to provide passive works, management and advice on their telecom structures. The partnership has brought significant growth to their portfolio in terms of health capacity and site condition.

    The challenges HTT face include ensuring that all collocation requests are completed on time and that all structures are 100% safe, secure and ready for collocation when needed. HTT also need to ensure that all site works are completed to meet quality standards in a timely fashion with value for money and that all records and information are kept up to date.

    Customer profile – Helios Towers Tanzania

    Helios Towers (HT) own and operate telecommunications towers and passive infrastructure in five high-growth African markets. One of the markets is in Tanzania, where Helios Towers Tanzania is thriving as the only and leading towerco in the country. Helios Towers Tanzania owns approximately 3000+ structures and growing.

    Services we provided:


    Delmec provided the following solutions:

    • Analyse
      Structural Analysis, Strengthening Designs, Desktop Portfolio Review, Bespoke Site Solutions.
    • Record
      Structural Survey, Equipment Survey, Pre-Constructions Surveys.
    • Manage
      Asset Management System [TIMS], Portfolio Management, Annual maintenance reports with recommendations.
    • Quality
      Training for tower strengthening, tower maintenance, Quality inspections (Post Strengthening & Maintenance), Supplier Validation and Validate material quality and traceability.
    • Implement
      Strengthening Works, Maintenance Works, Contractor Supervision.
    • Advise
      Portfolio Advice, OpEx and CapEx guidance, Tower Consolidation



    Delmec has reviewed around 1500 RFI (Ready for installation) tickets in the last 4 years that have enabled Helios Towers Tanzania to safely and securely collocate and capitalise on the revenue. By capturing equipment details on site, Delmec have helped Helios to align their revenue with customers.


    • Delmec has reduced costs through cutting optimisation design, reducing the amount of material left as scrap.
    • Through Tower dismantling of older towers on site Delmec is able to save the cost of ordering another tower.
    • Delmec’s review of Pre-Constructional Surveys which is conducted and completed by Delmec’s Design office has removed any unnecessary requests from the BOQ’s, hence saving costs.
    • Delmec’s selective strengthening approach has managed to save a subsistence amount of money without hammering the capacity or the quality of the work.


    Delmec has taken long term initiatives with Helios Towers Tanzania to ensure decisions made are data driven with value for money. Over the last 4 years Delmec have carried the below number of services with the aim to always improve the overall condition and life span of their portfolio.

    2920 site structural audits which includes rooftops, guyed masts and lattice structures.

    • 275 piled foundation audits of greenfield sites.
    • 39 deep foundation audits so as to map out the foundation status.
    • 1,084 quality assurance inspections with the contractors on structures were completed.

    Delmec has always been a dependable partner to Helios Towers Tanzania by ensuring our towers are safe, reliable and ready for our customers through providing robust design solutions, timely and extensive quality assurance and training to our contractors and so improving new site build pass rate from 69% in 2016 to 95% in 2020.

    Amani Keenja Head of Projects, Helios Towers Tanzania