Structural Engineering

Delmec have for over 30 years carried out structural design as part of the fabrication and supply of towers, masts, monopoles and support steelwork for their own products. In more recent years and contracts, this has been enhanced to provide a full range of inspection and design analysis for 3rd party telecoms and support structures across the globe. All outputs come with the recommendations, reports and designs for refurbishment included.


Teams of qualified climbers, skilled in structural audit, inspection and recording of the dimensional measurements, condition of elements and connections, the placement and location of equipment and orientations and the general condition of the site for use with the structural analysis process.


A team of qualified structural engineers that interpret the photographic and inspection report documents to create a wire frame model in a market leading structural package to ascertain the position of the structural stress ratios, deflection and capacities and compile a position.


Our senior engineers, using the information from the inspection and the analysis, compile a structural report and recommendation for the clients to advise on the loading status, capacity of loading and the condition of the site structure and foundations. This provides a expert identification of the requirements for the site for maintenance, upgrade, refurbishment and future capacity for the structure.

Refurbishment & Design

Many of the clients we carry out the audit, analysis and reports for come to Delmec to carry out the specific site design and carry out the refurbishment works. These pertain to the replacement of structural members, swap and torque bolts, stay wire replacement and tensioning, general maintenance in line with wire brush and painting or in some severe cases, the removal of structure’s where condemned.

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