Renewable Energy

Delmec Energy, also branded Cinergy has been developing and designing renewable energy solutions for the telecoms industry for 4 to 5 years. With numerous installations across the globe from Fiji to Iraq and home in Ireland, this service provision is to meet the ever changing environmental demands of society and in an attempt to reduce carbon footprints.

Tower Turbine

A range of surmountable wind turbines, tailored to fit and site at the top of an existing lattice tower, or a Delmec supplied tower, typically in the 4kw to 6kw range to provide additional electrical power for the running of the base station.

Wind Tower

A purpose built, combination shrouded monopole base station with top mounted turbine, with rapid deployment options and slim profile to meet demanding planning restrictions and requirements.

Solar & Hybrid

Solar panels solutions, either tower located, or bespoke frames, that work best in a combined and “hybrid” situation, combining the wind, solar and generator solutions, predominantly for OFF GRID solutions that need to be on air.

Hybrid Generators

Modular Cubes or Hybrid Genset of DC battery, smaller generator and fuel systems to reduce the fuel usage on a permanently generator fed site, principally a higher investment cost, but with return on investment that is improving in an increasing fuel cost market


Cinergy Energy Management System, a tool that remotely monitors the power usage and sensory data from a live site, incorporating the Wind Turbine, Solar, Generators and Permanent power usage, and peripheral monitors for Fuel Level, Temperature, Door Alarms etc..