Infrastructure Build

Delmec have strengthened the service provision since 2010, to include the civils, rigging, electrical and integration and commissioning solutions. Identifying the internal skill sets from the teams of structural riggers, and the project managers, and the efficiencies in site construction, these natural progressions have allowed us to service our clients to a higher degree of speed and efficiency.

RF & MW Installations

Teams of 2 man and 3 man set up to carry out the installation of 3G, LTE or other panel antenna’s for site propagation, inclusive of the co axial feeder or fibre solutions from the equipment housing to the antenna. This also pertains to the Tx [microwave] dish installations, orientation and testing of the site where backhaul is required. GPS Alignment [SPA A05 tools] and Anritsu Site Master full spectrum testing.


Typical projects of upgrades cover the swap out of both antenna and equipment in the base station to an existing site. SRan Projects and Equipment upgrades carried out by rigging and commissioning teams, also have to incorporate electrical AC / DC power as part of the package and process.

New Install

Mobile and Broadcast site new installations of towers, masts and monopoles for Greenfield Solutions, Addition to Colocation Sites and installation of rooftop site locations, covering structures, supporting equipment, housings, antenna’s, cabling, dishes and electrical and earthing works.

I&C [Integration and Commissioning]

Product specific and trained I&C engineer’s that work in tandem with the rigging and electrical teams to ensure that the configurations and set up of the site, communicates back to the NOC, and integrates in to the network, most critical where a HOT SWAP project is required, but encompasses a number of “disaster recovery” and “back up dependency” solutions to mitigate OFF AIR period in case of equipment issues.


See Rigging and I&C, however the full encompassment of RF and Microwave transmission, installation and upgrades and audit, inspection works. Covering steel erection, mobile telecoms, broadcast and independent radio solutions. with full testing and commissioning services.


17th Edition provision for electrical installations covering meter head, AC and DC systems, specifically tailored toward the telecoms base station. Management of REC applications, provision of materials and equipment and full installation and testing [to include the LP for a site.

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